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A token minting platform with a focus on flexibility and longevity

  • On-Chain Metadata
  • On-Chain Image Storage
  • 3D, Audio, and other file types
  • Multiple Images
  • Custom Meta


InfiNFT is a token minting platform that allows users to create NFTs with fully on-chain metadata. Files are stored on Arweave and IPFS.

NFT Forever

InfiNFT is a token minting platform that allows users to create their own NFTs with fully on-chain metadata.

Our focus on token integrity will ensure that your creations will be around as long as the blockchain underpinning them.


InfiNFT gives creators a simple way to deploy your own NFT contract, and then use it to mint NFT tokens as you see fit.

Arweave + IPFS Files

Due to size limitations with Ethereum, NFT file data is stored on both the Arweave blockchain and IPFS. Both file hashes from these storage platforms are written to the NFT during minting.

We believe this redundant storage, especially when paired with on-chain metadata, provides an extremely robust token solution with the goal of being everlasting.

ERC721 Compliant

Any NFT minted through our platform is fully ERC721 compliant, and is tradeable via marketplaces such as OpenSea.


Costs associated with permanently storing files are factored into the minting price. While these are usually minimal, this allows you to be sure images and content will be around forever.

Example Data

This example below shows us reading core data directly from a token's ID on the contract (via etherscan)

Why is this important?

With on-chain data, you no longer have to rely on services such as Google, Amazon, or other meta storage options to remain serving your meta data source.

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Mint Tokens

To mint your own InfiNFT token, upload a file (or directory),fill out the data fields with the desired information, and click the "MINT" button. Art Title, Artist Name, and Total Editions are all required fields.

Batch minting occurs automatically up to the Total Editions entered. A maximum of 10 tokens can be batch minted at one time.

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Connect a valid ethereum wallet to mint tokens

Tokens will be minted using this contract. If you do not have one, use the section below to create.

Don't have a contract ID yet?

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Minting Artist Tokens

Mint NFT using your custom contract.

Artist Contract

To create your own InfiNFT contract, enter your desired contract name and the symbol you'd like associated with tokens on that contract.

Click create contract button and pay the gas fees to deploy your own contract.

No Wallet found.

Connect a valid ethereum wallet to mint tokens

This is the symbol associated with the tokens created by your personalized contract.

This is the name of your own personal contract.

Custom Contract

In order to create nft tokens, you must first create your contract. Your contract has it's own name and symbol.


Name: "Ethereum"
Symbol: "ETH"

Name: "infiNFT Alpha"
Symbol: "∞NFT"